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EAST LANSING, MI - - The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is to partner with the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) and the MSU Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGS), Dr. Stephen Hsu, to further support academic and career development opportunities for MSU graduate and professional students. 

The partnership will see an extra $10,000 per year over three years being allocated to the COGS conference grant program, helping to send graduate and professional students to conferences in their disciplines. The additional funds will be split equally between MSUFCU and VPRGS. COGS awards $300 grants to assist advanced degree students who are looking to attend or present at such conferences. The extra $30,000 will be added to the $33,551 annually that, on average, COGS has allocated to the program. Increasing the amount of funding for the conference grant program was one of the strategic objectives approved by the COGS Full Council in Spring 2013.

 “The conference grant program is one of our most popular programs,” stated COGS President Stefan Fletcher. “There has been notable demand from graduate and professional students for such grants to help reduce the expense of traveling to conferences and, despite a large percentage of the COGS budget going towards the program, we have only been able to fund a little over half of all the applications we have received since 2006. We are very grateful to MSUFCU and Dr. Hsu for recognizing the importance of graduate and professional students being able to go to such conferences in order to fulfill their academic, professional, and career goals.”

Sarah Bohan, the Vice President of Corporate Relations at MSUFCU added: “As a university-based credit union, education is a top priority for MSUFCU. We are proud to partner with the Council of Graduate Students at MSU to enable graduate and professional students to attend key conferences in their fields of study and share world-class knowledge and research through the conference grant program.

"Our office is pleased to support graduate student participation in research conferences,” remarked Dr. Hsu. “These meetings are an exciting way for students to get up to speed on the latest developments at the frontiers of knowledge, and to meet other researchers with similar interests. I still remember with great fondness the first meetings I attended as a student."

The partnership will be formally announced at the first COGS Full Council meeting of the year, to be held today (Wednesday, September 4th) inside the Brody Hall Cafeteria Conference Room.

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the official student governance organization that represents the 11,000+ graduate and professional students at Michigan State University (MSU). Our mission is to improve and advance graduate education in order to ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery. COGS accomplishes its mission through advocacy, innovative research, and the development and dissemination of best practices. Supporting education is critical to achieving the highly skilled workforce needed for the U.S. to compete effectively in the global economy.